Our next meeting will be held on Monday, June 13th from 7 – 10pm. SJARMS members Owen O’Malley and Joe Jones will be giving a brief presentation on dreadnaught guitars made by C.F. Martin & Company.

Owen and Joe, both avid guitar collectors, will discuss why Martin dreadnaughts made during the 1930s — the Pre War period largely considered by many to be the Golden Age of guitar making — are so special and highly sought after. They will then discuss how Martin guitars, and particularly the dreadnaught models, have evolved and changed over the years (for better and for worse).

Even if you don’t own a Martin dreadnaught, this presentation will provide a fascinating historical perspective on what is arguably the most iconic guitar model in modern times.

As an aside, here is a beautiful clip of Tony Rice and his 1935 Herringbone D-28:

And here is some footage from 1939 of the old Martin guitar factory where these gems were made:

Following this presentation, we will have our normal open mic and acoustic jam (see above tabs for more information on our open mic and jam formats). If you would like to participate in the open mic, please email us at southjerseyarms@gmail.com to reserve a spot. All playing levels are welcome to participate in the jam, so be sure to bring your acoustic instruments.

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