The two primary goals of SJARMS is to expose our members to compelling roots music and inspire our musicians to become better at their respective instruments.  In this vein, we host an Open Mic night approximately every other month that is open to both musicians and non-musicians alike.  The Open Mic is generally held on meeting nights when there is no featured performer.  Check our calander for the specific Open Mic dates.

Musicians will have the opportunity to perform one or two songs for the group either solo or with a small ensemble (preferably no more than 3 people at a time).  Even if you are a beginner and/or have never performed in public before, we encourage you to participate, as SJARMS is a venue where musicians of all playing ability and performance experience can feel comfortable sharing their music and growing as performers in a friendly, warm and supportive atmosphere.  Please note that Open Mic performances are totally acoustic and unamplified.

Non-musicians are also encouraged also take part in the Open Mic by participating in our Show and Tell: Acoustic Roots Edition program.  During the Open Mic time, attendees who don’t want to perform are encouraged to present a recording (1-2 songs) of a particular roots-based musician that they would like to share with the group.  Remember, roots music is broadly defined to include all forms of traditional music such as bluegrass, blues, folk, gospel, celtic, country, tejano and Native American music, so the possibilities are endless.  We will provide the appropriate audio equipment to play either CDs or ipods.

On Open Mic nights, there will be a sign-up sheet for musicians to sign before the start of the meeting.