Frank Fotusky

Frank Fotusky

Frank Fotusky

Jim Hurst

Jim Hurst

Jim Hurst

Mike Kaufman

Mike Kaufman

Mike Kaufman

Mean Mary James

Mean Mary James – Sugar Creek Mountain

Mean Mary James – Ashokan Farewell

Mean Mary James – Leaving On A Jet Plane

Beppe Gambetta

Dixie Breakdown

Church Street Blues

Handsome Molly

Great Dreams From Heaven/A Walk In The Park (Dave Falcone)

Alice’s Restaurant/Waltzing Matilda/Layla (Dave Falcone)

Lauren’s Lullaby (Dave Falcone)

The Fair Maid (McDermott’s Handy)

Star Of The County Down

Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears

Red Haired Lass/Down The Broon

Good Morning Issac

Barbed Wire

Bill Cheatum

Baseball In My Blood (Mike Kaufman and Jimmy Heffernan at open mic)

Walking Blues

Big Boss Man

Oye Como Va

Lodi (with Gregg Carpenter)

Ashes of Love, She’s Gone Too Far & Shuckin’ The Corn


Side Jam

Vigilante Man

The Unwelcomed Guest