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SJARMS is very pleased to announce that the band Wood Sounds will be performing for the May, 2015 SJARMS meeting on Monday, May 11, 2015 at the Medford Arts Center, 18 N. Main Street, Medford NJ. Doors open at 7:00pm. The performance is free for current SJARMS members and $10 for visitors and guests. More info on SJARMS membership can be found at the membership tab above. As always, there will be an acoustic (all levels) jam after the performance.

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About the band:
Wood Sounds features four established New Jersey artists drawing from varied musical backgrounds, blended into an acoustic music styling in the bluegrass format. Wood Sounds draws its cover tunes from traditional bluegrass, new grass, folk, rock, and country as well as playing original compositions.

The band members are Ed Fortuna on guitar, Bill Sullivan on banjo, Jeff Tryon on mandolin, and Owen O’Malley on bass.

Ed Fortuna:
Through his father’s influence Ed became a fan of traditional country and bluegrass music. In his teen years, upon hearing Clarence White and Doc Watson he was hooked and wanted learn to play guitar just like them. South Philly, where Ed grew up was not exactly a hotbed of bluegrass or flatpick guitar. So, it wasn’t until many years later, upon meeting and taking lessons from well-respected guitarist, Mark Cosgrove, did he make any progress in learning to pick. He has been influenced by many styles and artists, including Tony Rice, David Grier, Bryan Sutton and Norman Blake. Ed considers himself a fan of any good music. A founding member of Sully’s Fortune and Wood Sounds, he provides solid guitar and soulful vocals.

Bill Sullivan:
Bill is no stranger to the bluegrass and country music scenes. Since the 70’s he has been lending his unique playing style to a variety of bands. His band credits include Charlie Morris bands, Catfish, High Noon, Double Shot, Murphys Law, Cedar Crik, Tabernacle Turnpike, Whiskey Chicken and Sully’s Fortune.

Jeff Tryon:
“Spike” has been playing and appreciating bluegrass since he bought his first guitar and banjo in the late 70’s. He plays a variety of musical styles from folk to rock and is a founding member of the jam band Only Footprints, which he has played in for the last 25+ years. Jeff picked up the mandolin while playing with the Bubbleheads at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. In addition to Only Footprints, Jeff was a long time member of Sully’s Fortune.

Owen O’Malley:

Growing up, Owen was the youngest of five children (and still is). He was into the folk scene, and the Beatles drove him to playing music. He listened to a lot of Weather Report, Return to Forever, and Yes. Owen became very interested in Jaco Pastorius and what he could do with a bass. Eventually, Owen was introduced to The David Grisman Quintet album. He became a huge fan of Tony Rice and his style of guitar playing. He listened to a lot of Sting, and really liked his work with The Police. His CD collection goes from Andreas Vollenweider to Bill Monroe and everything in between. Owen has been a member of Jersey Grass, Walls of Bluegrass, Mark Cosgrove & Good Medicine, Keep The Change, and Blue Roots.



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